lunedì 13 agosto 2007

Ask Fedora

Proprio ieri ho inviato una mail ad, per suggerire agli sviluppatori di fedora un piccolo miglioramento a yum. Oggi leggendo FWN/Issue100 ritrovo la mia richiesta, con relativa risposta.

Yum Reverse Dependency Removal

Roberto Vanto : In my opinion yum should support reverse dependencies handling. Something like this:

Yum supports reverse dependencies just fine. Try, yum remove and yum will automatically list all the packages that depend on it and prompt for removing all of them. One of the requested enhancements to this is to remove packages that has been installed as dependencies for the package you are removing if they are only needed for that particular package and this feature is under development as a yum plugin [1]. Meanwhile package-cleanup utility which is part of yum-utils package in Fedora is quite handy for a number of similar things.


Non pensavo leggessero veramente tutte le mail...

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